Close Encounters of the Third Kind


This is going to be a series of posts on material that I have been working on for some time now. The main premise behind all of my posts is that there has been, since the Fall a never ending conflict between the male and female principals and that this conflict is now coming to a head.👽 It plays out in every area of our lives and throughout the multiverse and also includes the arena of planets and stars and of course UFO’s. As usual I add my own brand of wonderful humour to the craziness that is happening around us.

Many believe that the elites of this world are getting ready to disclose that we are not alone. In the world of synchromysticism the recent signs are definitely pointing to their return.

They have come hopefully to rescue the children from the psychos who run this insane asylum.

One of the signs Is with animals and birds and children starting to act very strangely. This just landed in my newsfeed so I added it to the post, how very convenient and reminds me of the strange behaviour of the deer a few weeks ago.


A Flock Circle

Hundreds of sheep have caused a stir after they were spotted standing in concentric circles.

Christopher Hogg, 47, had been out on his bike when he saw the bizarre spectacle in a field in Rottingdean, East Sussex.

The father-of-one later shared photos of the unusual occurrence to Facebook before dozens of social media users claimed it looked like an ‘alien ship’.

He said: ‘The sheep are usually noisy, I go past them every day, but this day they were very still and calm.

‘It was so quiet, like they were in a trance. It was very eerie.’ Did he say eary.

The father-of-one rushed home and showed the photos of the flock to his wife Victoria and son Louis who both thought it was ‘nuts’.

I wonder if they do show up will Boris make them quarantine for 14 days in the local Premier Inn or will they get the V ip treatment?

And where on earth will they park their ice cream Van without getting a tickET.

Nice Narwhale Tusks

Do you want an oyster shell or a big cone? I tell you what make mine an 99 a big chocolate flake with loads of rasspberry sauce.

Is that the time.. I gotta get to the bridge I better get a shifty on there is a shitload to disc cuss.

Aliens and UFO’s it would seem have been with me my entire life. I got into the subject at a very early age after I witnessed a UFO taking off from a FIELD at the back of my house on the outskirts of Belfast.

Thankfully my Grandmother was with me and we witnessed it together as it slowly took off into the air before stopping and it just hovered there for a few moments not moving. It was a bright sunny day and the sunlight reflected off the silver metallic craft which blinded us momentarily.


We Come in Pie ces

Then without warning it just simply disappeared without a sound. My Grandmother turned and looked at me and simply said, “never tell anyone about this, they won’t believe you.

It was no coincidence that it happened on a Sunday afternoon and we had been watching the SUNday MUSICAL on television with those wonderful dancers F red A star e and Gin ger Rogers. Did you know that they were taught by a guy called Pan Hermes? Yup that was his real name believe it or not.

Freddie Mercury

A few years later a British army base was built in the field and they surrounded it with a high solid metal wall so you could no longer gain access to the site.

I got friendly with an army sergeant who worked on the base in the 1980’s and he told me supernatural events were a regular occurrence on the site. Interestingly it used to be the location of an old abbey and he related to me that hooded figures resembling monks would suddenly appear and set off the intruder alarms.

The abbey belonged to the Premonstratention Order (popularly known as the ‘White Canons’),as they wore white robes. An earlier name for the abbey was Druim La Croix, a hybrid of Irish and French, signifying ‘ridge (of) the cross’.


For me the cross is always a reference to the electromagnetic grid that crisscrosses the Earth and through which flows the electric currency. This force can be used to heal and to give life or reversed can be used to cause death and destruction.

It would appear to me that a dimensional rift has been opened at this particular field at some point in the past. However the government are ensuring that no one will ever find out having locked it down. Field being the electromagnetic field that appears to be attached to these locations.

The area is named WhiteAbbey and is part of a group of seven towns/villages. I was born in another one nearby called White Well it too was surrounded by supernatural phenomena, it lies just below the CaveHill which overlooks the city.

As I got into my teenage years I devoured every book I could find on the subject including the classic by Erich von Daniken aptly entitled The Chariots of the Gods.


It was also partly the reason I developed a passion for history, mythology and archeology as the things that influence you in your formative years normally shape your career and interests in later life.

In my research I discovered our ancestors were obsessed with studying the stars and stories of godlike beings coming from the skies to our world permeate the ancient records of all cultures.

I also came across mention in my research that other planets came close to the Earth’s orbit causing cataclysmic events, one of those planets was Mars.


Both the ancient and the modern characters for Mars in Chinese mean the ‘fire star’.

I have also written about Mars in relation to the chemical attacks in the town of Salisbury in which I was personally caught up in.

There are 369 words that are connected etymologically with the root of Mars such as Ares, Bel, Indra, Tyr and other ancient gods. Practically all of them are in relation to negative actions, feelings or experiences.

369 eh didn’t someone somewhere say those numbers were mighty important.

As I have been pointing out for quite awhile now all of the ancient Gods whether they be Sumerian, Egyptian, Greek or Roman are all said to have fallen from the stars or in many cases are actually fallen stars, comets, meteors themselves.

The EMerald Stone of Jupiter

The fallen angels or Watchers recorded in the book of Enoch were said to have fallen to earth at Mount Hermon or Hermoon. I believe the moon not just be an observation deck or an eye in the skyy but also a portal to other planets and dimensions and the reason why this particular location was given that name.

That also applies to a certain part of our anatomy.

These Watchers it was said taught mankind how to make war using metals which again links us to Mars as Mars is associated with iron and the all conquering RoMAn Empire and they also used other technology on humankind including genetic experimentation which ended in the earth being destroyed by a flood.


Mars throughout antiquity has always been linked to war, plague and other doomsday events.

Even our words in relation to cataclysmic events are connected to falling stars or planets.The word catastrophe is usually defined to mean the unhappy ending of a tragic drama, but basically signifies a downfalling star and a deviation (dys)-aster of stars.

In addition to catastrophe the word disaster is also related to planets or stars.

Disaster definition: an unfavorable aspect of a planet or star. The two earliest senses of disaster began at almost the same exact time (our earliest record of each comes from the middle of the 16th century); the sense of a great and sudden misfortune appears to have come slightly after the sense relating to a star.


The sense is astrological, of a calamity blamed on an unfavorable position of a planet, and “star” here is probably meant in the astrological sense of “destiny, fortune, fate.” Compare Medieval Latin astrum sinistrum “misfortune,” literally “unlucky star,” and English ill-starred.

Disaster (which has the Latin word for star, astro, in its etymology) is not the only word in English to have been formed based on the supposed influence of stars: the flu is a shortening of influenza, which comes from the Medieval Latin word for influence, based on the notion that epidemics were influenced by the stars.

So were the chemical attacks in Salisbury or in Old Sarum (Mars) as it was originally known just a forerunner or a warning of the corona red virus that was to come and more importantly is this just the beginning, the opening shots before the main event.

Martians arrived by METeorites in the book War of the Worlds during a electrical storm in the film remake it took out all the power and devices much like an EMP attack.

In the above clip he mentions it is like the Fourth of July with fireworks on Independence Day which was another movie on an alien invasion.

Tom Cruise or Tubal Cain was also in a movie entitled Born on the 4th July so what we are witnessing here is a birth, a birth of a new species or maybe a rebirth or a revisitation. His house in the movie is located right beside a huge bridge it looks similar to the Forth Road Bridge that I used to drive across when visiting Edinburgh. Edinburgh is built on Vulcanic rock a bit like meteorites.

Comets and meteorites are an ideal vehicle for sustaining and transporting a variety of microbes, including viruses, from planet to planet and even from solar system to solar system. In consequence, when these organisms are deposited on a world already thriving with life, genes may be exchanged, the evolution of new species may ensue, or conversely contagion may be unleashed, and disease, death, and plague may spread throughout the land.

Silent Night

Meteorites are trending here at the minute as one flew over Doorset on the 20th March (Mars) causing a sonic boom and pieces of it are scattered across a wide area. I am going off to the New Forest this weekend to see if i can hunt some down.

Fireball Meteor Causes Sonic Boom

There were power outages in the area about a week later. I am sure it’s all just a coincidence.   😳👽

The book War of the Worlds by H.G. Wells begins by the Watchers on Mars observing the Earth making their plans for invasion against us waiting for the right moment to attack.

The above video depicts the fictitious Great Martian War of 1913-1917 or is it showing events in a parallel Earth.

It was the voice of Richard Burton above that I heard on the radio that morning back in 2012 before the breaking news of the Dark Knight Rising shooting in Aurora. Exactly seven days before the London Olympic opening ceremony.

It was that same night after travelling from Yorkshire to Scotland that the power and the lights went out in my entire region triggering off all the streets alarms or sirens. An aurora borealis an EMP the dark night rises.

Richard Burton is Welsh the Wellsh are famous for their singing.

Dancing with the Stars

Jenkins is a double diminutive of John, literally meaning “little John.” As in Little John the big guy in Lincoln Green one of Robin Hood’s Mary Men.

It derives from the medieval given name Jenkin, which itself is a diminutive of the given name John, meaning “God has graced me with a son.” The Jenkins surname most commonly originated in Cornwall, England, but became quickly popular in Wales.

Wales as in Wails hitting the high notes just like the WolVes howling or should that be VoWels. Children of The 5 tones.


They are trying to teach us a basic s tonal vocabulary a new language without s words the language of love…a sonic tune after the sonic boom.

As the sounds that comes out from White Wells or White Shells your inner ear is shaped like a shell to receive the signal.

                                                    Stairway to Heaven or S Hell 88

The mating call….. the call of the wild.. the Indiana love call that destroys the enemy Martians and Venusians those pesky little green gremlins and red army ants.

Slim Whiteman or FatBoy Slim

The movie Close Encounters also begins in Indiana and the main character is called N ear y and he gets up close and personal to M ear y Shelley.


MM Code 33

One of the previous scenes shows the M the golden arches of the Big Mac next to a Shell garage representing Mary Shelley the bringer of life and love.


Shell Power

One thing a Big Mac and a shell have in common is they are both circular in shape like a saucer.

As the Mothership floats over his head all sound stops and the power goes out.

You even hear the sound of crickETs go silent. In the movie Neary wants his kids to go and see Jiminy Cricket. JC is a little green man as in Little John in Lincoln green, one of the Mary Men who carries a big staff or umbrella.

CrickET is a game played with Bats and Balls it even has a THREE LEGGED WickET and an UMPIRE. They play in all white.

Boys and their toys they love games that involve playing with their balls.

Cricket takes place in a SQUARE field or on a (high) pitch and is similar to American BaseBall and they shout and sing when they score a run or in football when they put their ball in the NET TEN ET or IO or over the LINE NILE. They like to go and be a part of the crowd because of the electromagnetic atmosphere.

Touchdown. Those Dogstars are as cute as a bag of Moonkeys.

School of Aphrodites Rock

In the above clip the little boy Ba ray White or the Sun has a toy Frankenstein on his shelf which turns red as it drops its p ants. 😳

Unless we become like little children we cannot see or enter the kingdom of heaven so it’s back to nursery school over to Freddie Mercury.

… nurses are called seraphim angels here in the UK. I hope I get a nice one and not a nasty one who burns me to a crisp.


Florence Nightmare Gale

To understand and speak a new language we have to start from the beginning. Which is very difficult when you are used to being the one doing the teaching!!

The little boy in the movie reminds me of someone. 😇

This was taken in the same place and around the same time as the close encounter. You can see why they called me Slim Whiteman.

20210403_184242.jpg Try and anal probe me one more time and see what happens

So what am I blabbering on about…what is this got to do with the meaning of life and are we alone in the multiverse. It all boils down to a song and dance routine that is how the multiverse was created and how it was also destroyed.

It is on a loop like a constant rerun of Strictly Come Dancing and the X Factor merged together. Beginning and ending in the Big Bang.

After Neary had his first close encounter he was blinded by the lights which enlightened him.


He got transformed both within and without. He now was in perfect balance between the male and the female principals or forces.

The MotherShip

So that means on top of learning a new language or song we have to go back to dance school and learn those angelic moves. Five dance moves to go with the 5 tones. 50/50. It brings the dead back to life.

The number five appears a lot in Close Encounters. The kids want to watch the Ten Commandments but it is way too long so Neary tells them they can watch only five.


And the headline in the paper states that Indiana was buzzing over 5 counties.


The Ten Commandments are the 5 tones and the 5 Movements which bring the male and female back into sync into unity so they can mirror each other as they can look and see each other clearly for the first time.


In order to do this we have to discard the logic brain and go with the flow of the electromagnetic currency just like Fred and Ginger.

But they have to turn 180 degrees to look at each other face to face or sun to moon. Mirror Image.


The best place to see each other clearly is somewhere with no artificial light just the natural light of the stars and the Milky Way.

Miss Me

So just like the Children of Israel they have to go on a pilgrimage to a mountain in the desert of WYoming and jump on the Mayflower/Mothership that takes them to the New World, the Promised Land flowing with milk and Honey Ryders.

However very few will make it because of their lack of belief. Roy was chosen because of his childlike faith not his amount of knowledge or skill or his belief in man made rituals and religion like the other scientists who are blinded by their traditions and logical academic mind.

He was even willing to leave his family behind. Although they had abandoned him first as they didn’t believe in him and thought he had lost his mind and in a way he had. He took a leap of faith and went with his heart.

To be continued.

I have made a video to go with each post I have uploaded the first one to my new channel at Brighteon. Here is the link.

Mother Mary A Close Encounter Part One

Finally this one is for my future soulmate who according to the latest info is just around the corner as I just purchased my first soul magnET and if it doesn’t work i want my mooney back.

There is a lid for every flying saucer as my old dad used to say.



6 thoughts on “Close Encounters of the Third Kind

  1. Hi Shiny 😀

    Good post and I really liked your video. I look forward to the rest of the series.

    You got me thinking about The Fifth Element, that I watched again recently. That starts in a tomb/womb with a visitation from aliens…

    … a redhead shocked to life…

    … given a Multi-pass…

    … and ends with two moons…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Roobster 🐬 thanks yes the video proved a tad problematic as it was originally over 2 hours in length 🤪

      I tried three other platforms before finally succeeding with Brighteon.

      I never thought of The Fifth Element 👏👍 it fits purrfectly thanks for that will probably add it to a future post.

      The song and dance routine has been nagging me for quite awhile now ever since we had the infamous dance off in 2015 with Tom Hiddleston aka Loki the green horny man. The song he danced to had a UFO theme.

      Starships were mean’t to fly.


    2. Forgot to mention The Mummy Returns theme links with that story you posted on here about the Mother from Dor set going missing after travelling to Egypt getting involved in a car crash in Cyprus losing her memory and ending up in the desert in AriZOna before being reunited with her family 30 years later. Her name was T raceY.

      Shades of Venus/Aphrodite/Hathor.

      The ROZe Well Crash.


    3. For me Lockey is linked to Mercury/Hermes as they were both tricksters but in a mischievous rogue with a good heart type of way.

      In the video I mention Bond is Adonis lookeying 👀 at Venus or Mary Shelley bathing. And I got lost once on the Adonis trail near Aphrodite Falls in Cyprus so I never got to get a lookey.

      Bond met his future wife Diana on the beach she was in mermaid colours. Who writes these tails.

      Mrs P eel with the H eels

      Through the Lookeying Glass Adonis is Sidona backwards and the city of Sidona was linked to Mercury by the ancients and Bond was always protecting M other even though she treated him badly.

      Well Bond/Silva did defeat that nasty Goldfinger. 👆 as Diamonds are Forever and his fav car is quick silver.

      The Silver/Tin Man always wanted to have a hEARt as home is where the heart is.


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