The Fifth Element


This post is packed full of deelightful goodies such as secret codes and symbols and will not make any sense to anyone whatsoever. Unless of course you have ears to hear and are switched to the same insane frequency, and in particular if you are tuned into Heart FM.

Surf the E Wave

This is the second in a series of posts about learning a new language. Or maybe it should be rediscovering our ancient language of the people from the first time. It is rather like War and Peace, so maybe you should chill and have a relaxing smoke before we begin.

In my previous post which you can read here Close Encounters of the Third Kind I discussed that the aliens in the movie tried to communicate with us not in words but with five musical notes. I also theorised that there are also five dance movements to go with the five musical notes.

Or maybe that should be Dances with the Five Wolves/Vowels.


Just Missing the YOU

Finally I also hinted that the aliens were linked to the various Mother Goddesses such as Hathor/Nut/ Venus/Diana/Aphrodite. 

One of the goddess’s many symbols is the palm tree which also refers to the palms of our hands having five fingers. One of the ways you say HellO or to introduce yourself is either to raise your hand and wave or you shake someone else’s hand.


High Five Notes

Roob mentioned in the comments of the previous post that it reminded her of the movie The Fifth Element.  This in turn led me to one of my earlier posts over on the Lab entitled Deus Ex Machina.  The comet section featured a very interesting conversation between four of us, including a guy from Down Under or Oz who went by the name of Korben Dallas.

Which is very appropriate as he named himself after Bruce Willis’s character in The Fifth Element.

Dial M for Mother

In the aforementioned post I was discussing how the world within our physical bodies also reflects back out into the world around us. We interact with this world with the FIVE senses. In this example I was referring to the nervous system at the back of the neck being damaged.

Subluxations can cause interference to the nervous system at any point along the spine where the nerves exit. This can adversely affect the function of various parts of your body, and ultimately your health.

A spinal subluxation can sometimes impinge on spinal nerve roots, causing symptoms in the areas served by those roots. In the spine, such a displacement may be caused by a fracture, rheumatoid arthritis, severe osteoarthritis, falls, accidents, and other traumas. 


So you could call subluxation a displacement or a fracture to the nervous system it changes everything and it creates everything; pain, disease, fatigue, depression, guilt and it changes the environment around us displacing us and fracturing us from reality.

This I believe occurred during the Fall of Adam and Eve from the Garden cutting them both off, from the eternal Divine Mother and Father and from each other. Splitting them into many dimensional pieces of 8.

Since this area is in such close proximity to the brain, displacements/fractures here can result in an alteration to a large variety of body functions. Much of the body’s nervous system messages flow past this point. This means that very large areas of the body are supplied by the nerves that pass through or near here.

This is the area where the battle for control takes place, the battle star of the five points, the five corners, the five senses that I have been talking about for the past few years. 

Battle of the Dead Rabbits/Hobbits

How many senses did we have before we fell I wonder? It is no coincidence that I fell down a flight of steps in 83 during a thunderstorm and damaged my spine in addition I suffered some nerve damage.

This took place in Philadelphia, you know the place of brotherly love where Rocky and the Eagles/Angels/Angles come from.

Reading the Signs A Dance Score of Five out of 10

It is also not accidental that I was on my way to a baseball game, it was, you know, a real Electro Magnetic Field of Dreams moment.

At the same time David Bowie was playing at the Spectrum arena which was beside the VET baseball stadium, he was on one of his Mars tours or maybe that should be The Man who Fell to Earth tour, now isn’t that philly or phunny.

I don’t know about you butt Oz always reminded me of Mars because of the red dust everywhere.

Red Shoes Martian Dance the Blues

Reading the signs is all about trying to predict the future and one of the best ways to accomplish that is to play the circle game or maybe playing with marbles. When I was in Athens, Greece Mrs C looney had lost hers. The poor g lass was looking everywhere for them.


The Scrying Game

In the above movie Labyrinth, Bowie plays the Gobbling King and a goblin is a little green man with a very big appetite.

The Labyrinth represents a mind maze prism/prison.

In the movie he kidnaps the baby brother but in one sense he has them both trapped as he wants to keep them apart and alone forever. However he is not real he is just another illusion another fake mirror image and there is a way out of the mirror maze.

A Labyrinth is also an antenna or ram horns and part of the inner ear and the means in which we receive sound waves.


Spiral FM

There are actually two labyrinths of the inner ear, one inside the other, the membranous labyrinth contained within the bony labyrinth. Just as with different dimensions, one hidden within the other in the subatomic and subsonic world.


Tune into Good Vibrations

It is no coincidence that I have a spiral labyrinth in my hall at home just as a reminder.


A Broadcasting and Listening Device

The plot of the movie The Fifth Element is about finding four mystical stones and reuniting them with the fifth. The four stones represent the four elements that of earth, air, fire and water. The fifth element ET HER is a divine being, a new species, a bringer of life and light in order to overcome the darkness.


Ace A New Electromagnetic Currency or a Pyramid Scheme

The four elements are also four different waves/frequencies/signals and these are displayed on the side of the stones as well as on the high priests breastplate.


“Can I touch your breasts my precious” asked Willy Ballbo Baggins.

So the Fifth EleMent is also the Fifth WaVe…. think about that for a moment.

The Fifth Beetle


It’s a Sine Wave

In the movie ET HER is symbolised as a woman with red hair who falls from the sky into Korben Dallas’s Ka r. Just like the goddess Diana who is said to have fallen from Jupiter or Aphrodite who fell into the sea at Cyprus and emerged from her shiny shell.


Houstone sorry Dallas we have Contact

The five pointed star is the emblem of the Dallas Cowboys football team which I have been discussing over at the Lab this week in regards to a crash at the crossroads where four roads intersect.

A cowboy nation that loves their milk as from a cow goddess, it’s the land of the milky way and honey and sweet as a Nut.

The SEEMEnt Truck and the BEEr Trans port Collide

Over to Mamma Hathor she could teach you the new language but she would have to give you an electromagnetic charge. ⚡️

Ring the Cow Bell

The Scottish name Dallas means “from the dales, the valley meadows,” and comes with a laid-back vibe associated with cowboy culture. I used to be a milkman and then a manager for Dale Farm Dairies. Our uniforms were blue and our badges blue and green representing the earth and sky or two elements.


Dr Cooper’s Herd Immunity

The above Milk shake video is just another example of how the many faces of the goddess are depicted in the media/matrix. In this case it is the Egyptian cow goddess Hathor or is it Nut I never can tell as she has so many sides and mood swings.

She represents on one level the Milky Way and the Mother Goddess letting her children suckle on her breast milk and her chocolate honey nut loops.

Cross The BridgET to Find our Way Home

In syncing with having to learn a new language, in the Fifth Element Jovovich co-created and mastered an alien fictional language of over 400 words for her role. 

She wore a costume that came to be known as the “ACE or I35-bandage”; the body suit designed by Jean-Paul Gaultier was made of medical band ages or rings.


The MuMMy Returns

In my last post I discussed how cats are also used as symbols for alien life in the cinematic world and it is no coincidence that Dallas has a white one as his pet.



The Flerken are alien creatures resembling Earthcats in appearance and behaviour. They reproduce by laying up to 117 eggs and possess many tentacles that can extend from their mouths. Their bodies also hold pocket realities, bubbles of space and time that exist in other worlds.

Dallas also has a DNA spiral hanging in his apartment adorned with planets and stars which he touches with his finger. This is depicting Jacob’s Ladder with the angels ascending and descending on it, this is akin to a spiritual ka motorway/highway.

Hands and fingers feature a lot in Dallas’s life.


Let your fingers do the talking.

Our five fingers also represent the five elements.


Say Hello Wave Goodbye

and they also represent five planets.


PlanET Hollywood

Or these fine pair which link two of the senses together as in Labyrinth the ear/sound Panasonic and sight with the palm trees hands/fingers/branches. 


The Ten Lost Tribes of the Family Tree

In fact the movie Pans Labyrinth written by the horned ram or bull is just a mirror image of the much earlier movie Labyrinth featuring The Goblin King.


Don’t S Hoot


A Punch of Fives

Cowboy Dallas is always trying to save/wave the planet from Armageddon.


Cowboy Dallas save’s the planet from an asstaroid the size of Texas.

Texas like Oz is also linked to Mars and Stars for some reason.

Life on Mars

As in the movie the Martian or the Swiss Family Robinson we are like lost little children, castaways WHO have been shipwrecked on a desert island. WHO have had our memory erased as to WHO we truly are.

Forever searching for the God Particle or the Divine Spark to restore our ancestral memory and DNA, to reunite us; firstly with our other half and then with the rest of our family. I see it as a Divine Comedy myself.

There are clues all around to help us achieve this, they are symbols or cymbals, musical notes. You need to understand these symbols with your soul and spirit not with your mind, It is through ones soul/heart and spirit that these sacred spiritual codes become known to the mind.

If you go onto any dating site you will find almost every person is looking for the ONE or for the ALL Spark, their soulmate, their missing other (mirror) half.

In the movie Dallas is no different and he thinks he has found her at last.



She is the Purrfect Match 🔥

Dallas wins the lottery and gets a golden ticket back to Paradise Lost with his twin.



Lady Luck

The question is will they make it on time or will they be too late for that very important date palm?


The BlueBird of Paradise is calling U Home

Dallas forgets the Cat food so he gets a takeaway but then his Mother calls.


Fortune Cookie Waves Goodbye

However poor old Dallas gets hit over the head with a Templar Cross and has his precious Golden ticket stolen by that pesky Hobbit.


Dallas heard a ringing in his ears.

Let us focus on Bruce Willis for a moment. Apart from being linked to the Sun in his first television show Moonlighting and in addition to being associated with the planet Mercury.


Mercury Rising

He is most famous for his Die Hard movies and his catchphrase is yippee-ki-yay . The yip part of yippee is old. It originated in the 15th century and meant “to cheep, as a young bird,” according to the Oxford English Dictionary (OED). The more well-known meaning, to emit a high-pitched bark, came about around 1907, as per the OED, and gained the figurative meaning “to shout; to complain.”

Now how about the whole phrase, yippee-ki-yay? It seems to be a play on “yippie yi yo kayah,” a refrain from a 1930s Bing Crosby song, “I’m An Old Cow hand.

In the movie Die Hard Hands Gruber compares him to a cowboy and in particular John Wayne which rhymes with his character John McClane as he disrupts his radio signal/frequency. 

John Maclane finds some smokes/cigar ETTes  and dynamitee/See4 as he wants to blow the bloody dimensional doors off to destroy the signal.

The signal is Time as Time is EMIT backwards. Time is also circular and represents Death as in Saturn’s Rings. John is on fire as he is the S MOO KING.


Cowboy Dallas also has to light a match to spark the fourth fire element.


He tells the Fifth Element that he loves her unconditionally, something she has never truly known before.

Blinded by the Light

The Goblin King or Time and D EAT h consume everything like a pacman/spaceman especially our energy, they feed off our life force and takeaway our youth akin to a red V amp ire Empire sucking our lifeblood but keeping us alive so that it’s energy source never ends. Just as with the ouroboros the serPENT that EATs  its own tail in a never ending loop.

Dynamite or Dynatime is the EM Force that blows up the transmitter and stops the signal. Dynamighty is the Holy Spirit, the BlueBird, the Breath of Life, the Rushing Wind, the Tongues of Fire, the Spring Rain, the Mother Earth that comes to our rescue but it takes Faith in order to receive it.

Dunamis” is a Greek word and means:

 “act of power” (Young’s); “miraculous power, ability” (Strong’s); “natural capability, inherent power; capability of anything, ability to perform any-thing; then, absolutely, not merely power capable of action, but, power in action” (Bullinger’s). 

“Dunamis” is used 121 times in the New Testament

“For the Kingdom of God is not a matter of words but of power (“dunamis”)” (1 Corinthians 4:20, GNB). 

It is accomplished through the sound of a new signal/frequency or the leap/peal of the Bells as every time/emit a cowbell rings an angel gets their wings.


The Sound of Music


When the sound hits our inner ear, in the labyrinth a window or a door opens one oval shaped and one round enabling our spirit s elves, to travel through.



The four stones or the four elements are placed at each corner in order to reflect the light and amplify the sound to travel over a great distance.


The Callander Dish Stones ET HER PHONE HOME

To meet in the fifth dimension, the fifth element, they come face to face, in the middle or the Temple at the Centre of Time. The centre of the White Cross of Light.


The Call of the Wild



The Age of the Air WaVes/Soular Energy

Dialling Stone

As I have been saying the world has been created and destroyed over and over by a song and dance routine.

Why do you think Nep tune carries a trident or a tuning fork, it has to do with sound, frequency and vibration. Take the old 1935 movie The Lady Vanishes the plot was about a secret code hidden within a tune, with each note representing a word. Now how did it go again?

The Lady Vanishes after singing a song as she vibrates and resonates so fast she disappears into another dimension. Maybe that is why all the planes that have disappeared have a trident as their symbol.

Altogether now…Last night I heard my Mamma singing a song Oooowee Chirpy a Chirpy Cheep Cheep Chirp. Woke up this morning and my Mamma was gone. Chirpy a Chirpy Cheep Cheep. She just vanished along with Pappa leaving the little chicks home alone.


Maybe that should be Chirpy Chirpy Tweet Tweet as the BlueBird is also the symbol of Twitter.

The plot of The Lady Vanishes also revolved around a CrickET Test match which was called off due to floods. Jiminy Cricket or the little green men also appeared in Close Encounters, they do make one hell of a r ack et.

David Bowie in Over the RainBOW BridgET

Cricket has got it’s own version of a trident it is called a wickET.


The biggest test match is called the Ashes between England and Australia and the original trophy was a silver urn in which to hold the ashes. You know a bit like a silver Mother Ship.

The proudest possession of Lord Darnley was an earthenware urn containing the ashes which were presented to him by Melbourne residents when he captained the Englishmen in 1882.

The contents of the urn are also problematic; they were variously reported to be the remains of a stump, bail or the outer casing of a ball, but in 1998 Darnley’s 82-year-old daughter-in-law said they were the remains of her mother-in-law’s veil.


Mother of God, it’s a bloody good job I am not mortal then. 👀

When Darnley died in 1927 his widow presented the urn to the Marylebone Cricket Club in St John’s Wood London also known as Lords. That was the key event in establishing the urn as the physical embodiment of the legendary ashes.

I’m Happy Hope You Are Happy 2

I realised many moons ago that all sports are just another form of worship as they flock each Saturday or Sunday to their temple and sing their hymns. I mean take for instance some of the songs in soccer such as Sweet Caroline, Simply the Best, Blue Moon, Glad All Over and One Step Beyond.

It doesn’t take a genius to realise they are worshipping the goddess, they even bow the knee to her now and point to the sky. But the question remains which goddess is it who is receiving all this tremendous electromagnetic power?

I discussed in my previous post how the ancient goddesses were worshipped as fallen stars or meteorites, and they were normally blue or black in colour.

Put on your Red Shoes and Pole Dance the Blues

I also mentioned meteorites can bring all sorts of plagues, parasites and even spawn new species to whatever planET they happen to crash land on.


Miss Isis Hippy

They say the Black Death was caused by Rats but now some historians believe that it was a case of anthrax that people caught from eating cows.

The English name comes from anthrax (ἄνθραξ), the Greek word for coal, possibly having Egyptian etymology, because of the characteristic black skin lesions developed by victims with a cutaneous anthrax infection.

Stars are Rats and as mentioned previously they disappear into another dimension when they reach a higher note or vib rat ion.

Or you could call it a Rapture to escape the hungry Red Dragon from Mars.

The Bluebird breaks the Sound Barrier.

I have written about Bluebirds before in relation to the Spitfire and the White Cliffs of Dover. Bluebirds represent the power of the Holy Spirit that arrived with the sound of a rushing wind, an earthquake, tongues of fire as the Spirit was poured out like water on the Day of Pentecost.

Portal Power

Bluebirds make you feel good they bring JOY into your life and change that negative attitude and perspective.

That is because a bluebird is a symbol of happiness, and many have no idea how old and how widespread the symbol is, showing up in Chinese, Native American and Russian folklore.

However the bird was made most famous in modern times by way of a symbolist play by Maurice Maeterlinck, The Blue Bird, drawn from an ancient French tale. The program notes from a 1912 London performance say, “The Blue Bird, inhabitant of the pays bleu, the fabulous blue country of our dreams, is an ancient symbol in the folk-lore of Lorraine, and stands for happiness.” I will say, however, that the plot of Maeterlinck’s play seems to me to echo that of The Wizard of Oz.


Blue Bird Red Tap Dance Through Door in BaskET

To find the way out you first have to find the Lost Chord, or The Lost Key of David the Lost Symbol that opens the door. I suppose that is why when people want to say something really important they call it a key note speech.

Maybe that is also why David had 5 tones in his sling to take down the Giant as Goliath had four brothers. He then took his body or his bones to the Temple or Golgotha in Jerusalem known as the place of the skull.

The same place that later, his descendant Christ was placed on the electromagnetic MayPole.

May is the fifth month.

Pent represent the number five:

penta- comes from Greek, where it has the meaning “five”:penta- + -gon → pentagon (= five-sided figure). Just like a five pointed star.

Pentacost is fifty days after Passover and this year occurs on the 23/05 thats a 55.

V is the Roman Numeral for 5. So that’s a VV


V for Victory

The Fifth Element was set in the 23rd century. W is the 23rd letter.

I am surrounded every day by VW’s I think they are breeding exponentially.


It also means:

pent pɛnt/  adj. shut in; con fined/consigned

As I am writing this my sister informs me that she took a church service at the weekend and she spoke about Noah being shut in and the door closed behind him.

15 And they went into the ark with Noah, two and two of all flesh in which there were the breath (air)  and spirit (abel) of life.

16 And they that entered, male and female of all flesh, went in as God had commanded [Noah]; and the Lord shut him in and closed [the door] round about him.

He was shut inside the Kar, the Ark, the Tardis, the VW Van that can travel through time, space and dimensions. Imagine travelling inside a tube when surfing a wave and just like Bilquis’s vagina it’s way bigger on the inside.


Kar Klue

The above is just across the street from OZtin Texas.


There is definately something supernatural or a THING going on with T EX ASS ME/EM/135/513 and Mrs Jones Bones S tones.

Coincidentally I am in the process of getting a new Ka and going on a road trip down memory lane. Going back to my roots before I start back at the School of Rock in Mars.

First to my ancestral homeland on the Isle of Lewis and Skye where I will spend a few nights at Callandish which is the main picture on the title page of this blog.

Then I will head back to the green glens of Antrim…and the Giants Causeway, reading the signs it’s going to be an eventful trip.

BTW did you know that Bruce aka Cowboy Dallas had a holiday home in Twin Falls….. no me neither.

Car Chase

What kind of Ka you ask……. well a VW of course.


The Fifth Beatle

You are your mother’s child. The time has come for little birds to fly. You will fly. My Queen.” ― Ampelio…….Ampelio was a Fire Guardian.

Finally to wrap this up the Fifth Element begins and ends in a Temple in Egypt.

The Fifth Element has her mouth open singing her song of creation and the key to open the door extends out from a finger/singer.

The Temple reminds me of the Devils Tower in Close Encounters where Contact was made. So let us end at the beginning.

When I was at G lass cow University I had to decode Elizabethan letters and the S was written in such a way that it looked like an F which was confusing at first but it was an important discovery for me at the time.


PS There is a video to go with this post I will put it online when Time permits.

Here it is finally.

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        The memory is contained within the jeans or MAY BEE inside the bone marrow or bow and arrow.
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